My Appeal

As an athlete in this wheelchair racing sport scene, I am targeting to compete in the local and international meets. Subsequently, my ultimate goal is to qualify for the Paralympic Games.

However, I need a new customised racing wheelchair, which cost at least SGD11, 000.00 complete with all customised accessories and includes freight. Thus, I am making an appeal for either full sponsorship or partial donation to offset the cost of this personal equipment.

The current equipment that I am using is an old passed-on item donated by former athletes. It is literally not a “one shoe fits all” type of athlete's personal equipment.

The Wheelchair Racing Association (Singapore), WRAS, will bear the cost of my participation in all games which include entry fees, lodging, meals, travel and other contingencies. Hence, I am obliged to get my own customised racing wheelchair in order to compete and perform at the highest level.

The Equipment

The wheelchair racing sport requires only athletes with race-type wheelchair to participate. They are very lightweight, with pneumatic tyres and with the dimensions and features sanctioned by the IPC Athletics (for Paralympic Games).

As the race-type wheelchairs are sophisticated in design, the price for a new custom-made set could deprive most potential athletes whom are having financial difficulties.

About Wheelchair Racing

Wheelchair racing is a sport raced by disabled individuals who have lost the use of their legs through conditions at birth, accidents or generative diseases. In particular, the sport is open to amputees, paraplegia, cerebral palsy, tetraplegia and polio. The race takes place on normal athletic tracks and the road race is usually a wheelchair marathon event.

In Singapore, the Wheelchair Racing Association (Singapore), WRAS , recognises these individuals living among us and providing them an avenue to participate in sport giving a new sense of meaning to their lives. In general,sports have never lost in promoting a sense of belonging, boost self-esteem and build positive character, camaraderie and self-worth.

WRAS is a non-profit organisation that plays a pivotal role in providing all wheelchair-bound disabled individuals a chance to participate in wheelchair racing sport. Through sports, WRAS is hoping it will change their outlook in life. And at the same time experience the joy of sports.

To learn more about wheelchair racing in Singapore, please log on to WRAS website:

My Brief Sport History

  • Joined disability sports in 2007.
  • Participated in all kinds of physical activities.
  • Participated in hand-cycling road races.
  • Involved in various sports e.g. wheelchair basketball and hand-cycling.
  • Decided to focus on one sport – wheelchair racing.

My Long-term Goal

To qualify for upcoming Paralympic Games 2020 in Tokyo, Japan