Are there any hidden costs to participate on Happi?
Nope. There are no costs to partners. Members get the app and account for free and the first 5 Smiles are free. After that, members can purchase Smiles for roughly S$1 per Smile or they can get Smiles free by taking 5 question surveys. The only cost to Suppliers is S$10 for each sale made via the coupons Happi distributes to Members. We give this money to the Partner who recruited that Member. 

Is Happi a non-profit organisation?
No. We aim to build the perfect social enterprise which is both profitable and sustainable and provides clubs, teams, social groups, and charities globally with hundreds of millions of dollars, a free publicity and community development platform and facilitated access to support from corporate sponsors and other partners in the Happi ecosytem.

How does Happi make money?
Happi rewards members for expressing desires, opinions, and preferences and  profits by monetizing data regarding those desires, opinions and data and facilitating 1 to 1 interactions at scale.

What does Happi do with my data?
Happi analyzes member activity and survey responses to improve the performance of our application, better align our offerings with our members’ interests and desires, and provides both static and interactive reports to sponsors who pay for answer to specific survey questions or who buy subscriptions to data regarding specific categories of offerings or demographic groups. Unless required by local authorities, Happi never releases any personally identifiable information to any third party and never enables a third party to contact our members directly.

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How do I participate in the lucky draws?
Members are automatically registered in lucky draws to win the products they “Smile” at by tapping on the smiley face icon next to the product image.

What are my chances of winning?
No worse than 1 out of 2X the retail price of the offering. So, for example, if the item is a $1,000 watch, the maximum number of entries will be 2000 people.

How many times can I participate in a single lucky draw?
One time.

How will the winner be contacted?
First, we announce the winners to all members on the Happi Hour page of the application Fridays at 6:30 PM. We also send push notifications to the Member’s phone and a notice to a section of the app called The Pocket.

Where do I collect the lucky draw prize?
That depends on what you won. Some items will be delivered to your home, some items will require you to go to a store to pick up, and some items can be delivered electronically. Instructions regarding how to collect your offering will be printed clearly on the Winner Coupon sent to your Pocket.

How does Happi determine the winners of the lucky draw?
Randomly. Once enough people have smiled for the lucky draw to go through, a computer  program randomly selects one of the members.  That Member’s name and partial phone number is then posted to the Happi Hour page. We also send push notification of the Winner Coupon being available in the winning member’s pocket.

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What is a Random Act of Happiness?
Random Acts of Happiness are other forms of giveaways. A Lucky Draw is specific to one offering. X number of people smile at a product, Happi randomly selects one, and that person wins that offering. With Random Acts, Happi selects the winner randomly, checks what he/she has smiled at that month, and Happi then decides which of those items to give the winner.

How do I participate?
By smiling at 10 offerings in a calendar month.  Once you have smiled 10 times, you are eligible for each Random Act that month,  so we suggest you smile ten times on the first week of every month to get 4 chances of winning that month.

What are my chances of winning?
1 out of the number of eligible members in your city that week. So, when we launch in a new city the chances will be much better than when we have tens of thousands of members in that city. This is how we thank and reward early adopters who help Happi reach the tipping point in each new city.

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4.     SMILES

What are Smiles?
A Smile is a unit of our internal currency, a credit. We provide members with Smiles on the following basis:

Sign up with the promo-code of one of our partners: 5 Smiles
Refer a Friend: 1 Smile
Take a 5 Question Survey: 1 Smile
Purchase Smiles in bundles of 10, 50, or 100: $1 per smile (roughly)






1 Smile is consumed every time a Member taps on the smiley face on the product detail page. This one tap also triggers the following events: entry into the lucky draw to win that offering, registering of the member’s desire for that product in their profile so we can select it if they are selected in a Random Act of Happiness, and an additional donation to the charity, team, club, school or group the member supports. 

How can I use the discount coupons?
When you are ready to use a coupon to make a purchase, select the coupon from the list of coupons in your pocket and then on the coupon details page, tap on “Get Code”. A discount code will appear on the discount coupon. Use this code on the promo-code field on the order form or tell it to the call center staff or show it to the store clerk. If you have any trouble using your discount coupon, contact us via the feedback form in the pocket, via chat on our website, via the contact form or by emailing us at [email protected]

How can I get more Smiles?
Members can obtain more Smiles via the Smile Shop, where purchase, survey, and refer a friend options are available.

Are there any limits of Smiles I can obtain?
No, but you can only Smile at one offering during one lucky draw period. You cannot have more than one entry in any single lucky draw.

Do Smiles expire?
No. Your Smiles are valid for as long as Happi operates in your area.

How often can I Smile at the same product?
You can smile at the same product an unlimited number of times, but you can only have one entry in one lucky draw. So, if you have already smiled at a product, you will have to wait until that draw completes before smiling at it again.

Is it possible to transfer Smiles to another account?

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What is the price range of offerings on Happi?
Generally, the range is $200-$2000 but in rare cases we do promote some offerings both lower than $200 and higher than $2,000.

How does Happi categorize offerings?
Flexibly. We currently offer the below categories, but we will introduce new categories (both seasonal and permanent) and eliminate existing categories based on performance. Within each category, products are searchable by gender and/or age groups.

What are the current categories on Happi?

Tech Health & Wellness
Wine & Dine Going Places
Family Education
Fashion Home
Sports Work
Events Experiences

What if something I want is not available on Happi?
Request it on the WishList (see below).

How do I know the offerings on Happi are genuine?
Happi does not sell or distribute any products directly. We provide coupons which are honored by our suppliers. The suppliers provide the products. We only work with reputable suppliers, but we do not control them. If the genuineness of any product you obtain with a Happi coupon is suspect, please contact us immediately. We will support you and do all that we can to ensure a satisfactory result.

Are the deals offered on Happi the best possible value?
We encourage our suppliers to offer our members the best possible value, but it is possible that lower prices are available to other customers in specific situations or circumstances. We do not offer a lowest price guarantee, but we do guarantee that we won’t put an offering on Happi if we don’t think it is remarkable and likely to make our members very happy.

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6.     COUPONS

How do I use the discounted coupons?
Some coupons can be used online. Some by calling a call center. Some by visiting a store. Some, all of the above. Each coupon contains order placing instructions.

What are the terms, conditions and validity of the coupons?
The terms, conditions and validity of each coupon are written on the coupon.

What do I do if the supplier doesn’t honor my coupon?
Contact [email protected] or contact us via the feeback form on the website or app. Include your full name, mobile number, the supplier name, date of coupon code request and the code which appears in the coupon code box.

Is the coupon a guarantee of availability? What happens if supplies run out?
No. The coupon is not a guarantee of availability. The coupon may state “while supplies last”. If supplies run out, these are the possible resolutions: wait for re-stock, apply the discount to another item from the supplier, or Happi provides replacement smile.

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How do I support a  group or charity?
If you enter a promo-code when you create your account you will be automatically assigned to the charity, club, team, school or group associated with that code. All of your activity on Happi will trigger donations to that group. This will be fixed for 12 months. After that, you can choose to switch groups if you wish. If you create an account with no promo-code entry, Happi will ask you to select a group to support, which you can change any time.  All Happi members must support one and only one group at all times.

Can I change the group I support?
If you signed up with a promo-code, you can change groups after 1 year. If you signed up without a promo-code you can switch whenever you want.

Can I check the total funds raised for the charity I support?
Yes. Just go to the Partners section of the app and you can see the overview, total dollar amount donated, and Happi Stories from each group.

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What can I buy on Happi?
Nothing. Happi doesn’t sell members any products, services or experiences. Happi gives those things away and provides discount coupons which members can use to buy those things directly from the suppliers.

Which payment gateways are supported to buy Smiles?
Currently, PayPal.


What exactly is “Happi Hour” ?
Happi hour is when we announce the winners of our lucky draws and Random Acts of Happiness.  Happi Hour begins 6:00 PM on Fridays and all winners will be announced by 6:30 PM.

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Are there any limits of surveys I can do within a period of time?
No. You can take an unlimited number of surveys and build up a balance of Smiles. However, you can only apply one Smile to one lucky draw. You can’t Smile at the same offering multiple times to increase your chances of winning it.

What type and length of surveys should I expect?
Currently, just “strongly disagree to strongly agree” format. In the future, true / false, multiple choice, and fill in the blank. We design the surveys  to be completed within 30-40 seconds.

How are the survey questions determined?
Most of the survey questions are received from Happi’s sponsors including market research firms, brands, merchants, Happi suppliers, government and NGOs.  Some of the questions are from Happi. All questions are managed in a question bank and the survey engine automatically populates your surveys with questions based on your demographic profile, previous Smile behavior, category of current interest, and/or past survey question responses.

What does Happi do with my responses?
Happi provides reports to sponsors regarding responses to questions offered by people of different profiles and criteria, but we never include a name or any personally identifying information in the reports. Your responses are completely anonymous.

How does Happi ensure the quality of responses?
The application will detect when people are completing surveys too quickly or giving responses consistent with lack of genuine consideration. The application will warn the member about this twice. If this behavior is detected a third time, the account may be terminated.  We hope that people will be decent and fair-minded enough to understand that the data monetization is what enables Happi to afford to give money to our partners and buy merchandise from our suppliers to giveaway to our members. If the quality of our data is compromised, the whole business will fail and both our partners and members will miss out. We will guard against this vigilantly.  

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What is the WishList?
If there is something you want but can’t find on the Happi Zone, you can suggest it on the WishList. If enough people in your location agree with your suggestion, we will try to find a supplier and put a coupon deal for that offering in the Happi Zone.

How will Happi notify me when the product I suggest or agree with is available on the Happi Zone?
We will send a push notification to your phone and also send a notification to your Pocket.

What is the curator board?
People who have suggested 3 offerings that receive enough Agrees from other users to make it to the Happi Zone are given usernames and their future picks are tracked on the curator board.  People are able to comment on the picks.

How does Happi determine and reward the Curator Board winners?
Twice a year in every city, we tally the number of Smiles each pick of each curator board member has generated. The person with the most total Smiles receives S$5,000 (or the local equivalent). The person with the second most receives S$2,000. The next 3 receive $1,000 each.

Please send any other questions to [email protected]

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What are the criteria for offering selection on Happi?
In the beginning, Happi’s staff will select offerings. Our curation policy is “Remarkable Only”. What does that mean? Well to be remarkable something has to be worthy of mention. That could mean it is extraordinary in terms of value, design, novelty, functionality, utility or innovation. Going forward, we hope the WishList will be popular enough in each country that it will be our members telling us what offerings to put on Happi. Nothing would make us happier than to know that all of the offerings on Happi are there because our members voted for them.

How are disputes managed?
If a member informs us that a supplier has not honored a discount coupon or not provided satisfactory delivery or service without heavy pressure upsell tactics, we will act as the member’s representative and seek resolution directly with the supplier.

Please send any such issues to [email protected]

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How does Happi select partners?
We support any group, be it a charity, team, club, special interest group, or even a social or networking group, that enables people to pursue happiness or causes about which they are passionate. Any group that makes the world a better place, makes people’s lives better or simply provide an environment, service or atmosphere that makes people happy.

What do partners have to do generate donations from Happi?
We provide each partner with a promo-code or codes. We then assign a relationship manager and, possibly, a marketing intern to develop a communication plan with the partner. The plan may involve any of the media the partner has (Facebook, LinkedIn, newsletter, email, etc). We agree on how the partner will educate their people about Happi.  It’s then up to the members if they want to use the app and/or encourage their friends to use it. The amount of funding is directly proportional to the degree of participation, so we hope our partners will encourage their members to get involved, but, other than that, the partner doesn’t have to do anything.

Must partners provide Happi with their member database?
No. Never. We never ask a partner for their member database. The partner let’s its members know about Happi and then the members decide individually if they want to use Happi or not.

What information do the partners receive from Happi?
We let partners know how many people from their group have signed up, the demographic breakdown  and how many smiles they have consumed so far. We do not release names, phone numbers or any personal information about any member to the partner or anyone else.

Please send any other questions directly to [email protected]

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