About Us

Happi began with a really simple idea: "If we give people a fast, free, easy way to support a cause or group they care about and even win prizes along the way, lots of people will use it.....and, if lots of people use it, it will be really powerful".

Happi is what we came up with to serve that purpose. Happi is a community insight and interaction platform that enables people to support a cause or group they care about, win prizes, and get promotions aligned with their interests all for just responding to 5-question surveys on their mobile phone or browser. The more people participate, the more chances they get to win products, services and experiences they select and the more funding their cause receives. All funding comes from Happi, not from the individuals and not from governments.

Happi works with charities, leagues, teams, student activity groups, volunteer groups, social enterprises, associations, chambers, unions, and company corporate HR departments to increase the survey responder base as well as the number of good causes we fund.

When people sign up for Happi, they first select the group they want to support by either entering that group's code on the registration form or by selecting groups from our partners list. If a person enters a partner code on the registration form, we provide that partner with additional funding and the person is locked into that partner for 12 months. If a person doesn't enter a code and selects a group to support from the partner list, they can switch groups to support at any time.

After selecting a group to support, people can then select the products, services or experiences they want to win. People can select from famous brand products which they can win for free and then respond to 5 survey questions for a chance to win the product. We call this act of selecting a prize and taking a survey "smiling". Users can smile at prizes as often as they have survey questions to answer and each smile gets them another chance to win the prize. Prizes go to lucky draw when the required number of smiles have been completed. Users can see what percentage has been completed already as well as how many times they have smiled at the prize on the dials on the product detail page.

The more people use Happi, the better Happi understands their interests and preferences. Happi can then send people promotions, which are well aligned with the individual preferences and interests of each Happi member. Those promotions appear in the My Pocket section of the app.

Happi enables our sponsors, which are brands, market researchers, media, and possibly our merchants and partners, to understand, engage and carry on 1 to 1 conversations at scale with people of granularly defined profiles. To the user, it is just a 5 question survey that takes 30 seconds. To the sponsor, it is a cause-driven discussion with people whose profile, stated opinions or behavior qualify them for a question, promotion or invitation. Happi aims to offer greater speed, precision, efficiency, and intimacy than our sponsors can enjoy on any other insight or interaction platform.

We believe this model provides powerful and unique benefits to our partners, members, suppliers, and sponsors. We welcome contact from any organization interested to participate in the community via these email addresses: